I need help with picking a controler

I’m making a 6 wheel robot with a 6 degree arm I need some thing that will keep programming with out a computer tethered to it and will run 3 programs at a push of a wireless remote controller for the robot arm. Three different buttons. I have my eye on the wireless ps2 controller. I have 4 years of of schooling but haven’t done it in a while so I’m a little rusty. Any ideas?

arduino its my best answer

arduino its my best answer



Is Arduino a program? So something that is Arduino based

Well, no.

Arduino is a platform.

I have a feeling that you will be better of with Picaxe microcontrollers. They can be programmed with flowcharts, a bit like the Lego robotics sets.

I’m using
I’m using dagu-6-degrees-of-freedom-robotic-arm and wild thumper 75:1 no sensors yet in am just trying to get it going a specific task and remote drive the chassis when I get it operating I’m going to put a convar with a ir sensor and a liquid cooled compartment. ill admit its been awhile

I’ve been reading up on the
I’ve been reading up on the Arduino and I can use a battery pack to run the program but I’m running 8 servos 2 actuators and I need room for expansion the motors are not a factor because I have a separate controller for that.

I think I’m going with a
I think I’m going with a arduino mega 2560 micro-controller v3 thanks for the info