I am new to Robot. Compatiblity Question?

1. Which kind of motors are compatible with PICAXE? I’ve read in a book that PICAXE doesn’t compatible with DC motors , but Servo motors. There are many kinds of servo motors and how to choose a correct one?

2. Which kind of infrared sensors are compatible with PICAXE?


Wow - these questions are

Wow - these questions are hard to answer… as they simply do not make sense :slight_smile:

To put it short; You can hook up anything to a picaxe. Anything. And so to any other Microcontroller.

Question is how… But if you have the component in one hand and a picaxe in the other, and ask SPECIFICALLY about how to connect one to the other, you can get help :slight_smile:

Thank u so much.

I would like to do a first robot, but I have budget problem. That doesn’t mean I can’t afford to buy, but actually what I would buy should be what I would really need in future projects also.

Let say, I buy a PICAXE (5 i/o) and later on I can’t use it because I need more inuputs/outputs. I don’t want these things happen.

So Could you please guide me exactly which picaxe, motor, sensors and other components I should have for advance projects as well?


Look up top to the top menu bar
And you should see Start here… the 28x has a good amount of i/o pins for future projects and the robot you make with the parts list should be reusable… as you make more complex robots you will be needing more supply of motors and stuff… and that "first" part list should do you good for that robot and maybe a couple other… there is a lot of capabilities in that robot… its the code that is the biggest part of the whole thing.