Hypnolator.ASM (6680Bytes)

Around the end of February every year there's a 'Chinese Lantern Festival' that happens in my city. Lots of junk to buy, cool lanterns, interesting food, and most importantly an awesome fireworks display at the finale =)

This year, about 2 days before the festival, I decided to make something cool that I could bring along. Late last year I bought a "broken" Eyeclops Bionic Eye from the local equivalent of eBay for a very low price, which worked out well since the fault was just a minor wiring issue. After I fixed the camera and electronics I left them out of the plastic body, as I wanted to incorporate them into a smaller project later. Even though I wasn't using the plastic body for the camera anymore, it still looked pretty cool so I decided to hang on to it - and as you might've guessed by now that's where I got the main plastic parts used in this project.


The black cable coming from the end of the grip is just a thick power cable, which is connected to a 3 x AA battery box that has an incorporated power switch. The idea is that you slip this into your pocket so that the weight of the batteries doesn't affect the 'gun' part.


Inside the 'eye' part of the body is a stack of 2 prototyping PCBs. The front board has all the LEDs (10 blue, 9 UV) and current limiting resistors. The back board has a PIC16LF628A micro, 2 x ULN2803A darlington arrays, and a mercury tilt switch. Behind the 2 PCBs is a coil speaker, driven from a few ULN2803A channels. The green LED on the back of the 'eye' indicates the unit is turned on, while the two buttons on the left of the grip control firing and mode selection.


Yep, that should drive

Yep, that should drive everyone crazy after a while. :smiley:

(Hmmm, my daughter has an Eyeclops eye thingie somewhere … )

Everyone should have

Everyone should have something like this. Always!

Yeah, Chinese Lantern

Yeah, Chinese Lantern Festival is an exciting event. If you ever have the chance, visit China during Chinese New Year. At Chinese New Year eve you always have the feeling the third world war has begun :smiley:

Nasty, funny, creepy device you created there, TF :slight_smile: