Hub for GM24 - Tiny Geared Motor w/ 90 Degree Shaft

I am looking for a compact motor, preferably with a 90 degree angled output shaft which I can connect to the Nexus 38mm omnidirectional wheel (Nexus 38mm Plastic Omni Wheel - RobotShop). For this application I am considering the ‘GM24 - Tiny Geared Motor w/ 90 Degree Shaft’ (GM24 - Tiny Geared Motor w/ 90 Degree Shaft - RobotShop), however the output shaft is only 3.1mm in length. Do you know of any type of hub which can connect these two? Or is there an alternative three Volt, DC motor for this application with similar rpm and torque?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @robot_noob123 ,

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You might consider the following alternative:

Or you can check the 6v options from this link:

Let us know if you need further assistance.


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