HT1 Broken Button Menu

Hi, I am working with the HT1 Servo and I unfortunately broke the button to access the button menu.
I need to use the RC Speed mode and as I was going through the steps to get there (pressing three times) the button broke.

I’ve noted the following important note, and I was currently wondering is there is a solution for the way around :

Important note

To revert from RC mode back to serial mode, the button menu is required. Should the button be inaccessible (or broken) when the servo is in RC mode and the user needs to change to serial mode, a 5V constant HIGH needs to be sent to the servo’s Rx pin (RC PWM pin) with a common GND and wait for over 30 seconds. Normal RC PWM pulses should not exceed 2500 milliseconds. After 30 seconds, the servo will interpret this as a desired mode change and change to serial mode. This has been implemented as a fail safe.

Thanks for your answers.

@welyweloo Welcome to the RobotShop Community. We have not heard of a button breaking yet, but anything can happen. The button menu is the most convenient way to switch to RC mode, but it can be done via a serial command (or using the LSS Config software).
The command is CRC2, described here: LSS - Communication Protocol - XWiki

CRC1 is RC position, CRC2 is continuous rotation (wheel) mode,

The issue will be after you have switched to RC, there is (currently) no method to change it back (without the button) since the firware will only recognize RC PWM pulses, not serial commads. If you have any configurations you’d like to implement, it’s best to do them before changing.


Thanks a bunch for this fast answer!
Your solution worked perfectly, I was able to switch to RC Mode with the LSS Config Software. Thanks!
Nevertheless I can’t understand why, but it’s not working as it is supposed to be.

Expectation: I have a Python program which will start the servo at medium speed, and user is able to change the speed as desired or stop the servo.
Result without the button menu for RC Mode : The servo starts and turns at medium speed, then it stops once in a while for 5ms or so and then start again and so. I can’t get why.

Do I need to add some extra configuration to match the configuration of the following config path when setting it with the button menu?

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It sounds like you’re in the right mode if it’s rotating continously. 5ms is incredibly little time to notice something visually… are you seeing this another way? Nothing in particular comes to mind for this to happen, except potentially something in your code. Note that the RC signal needs to be repeated continuously every 20ms to 30ms.

50ms* not 5ms sorry.
I will double check in my code, but weird thing is that it is only doing at 50% of the speed. When changing the speed to something higher or lower it won’t stop.
Anyway thanks again for your help, I put previous answer as the solution.

Hmm… would have been nice to know if you’re operating on the latest firmware too, but you would need to be in serial mode. For a temp fix, can you operate it at 49% or 51%? There’s nothing special at 50%… odd. Can you provide a video? There were previously some bugs with RC mode which were discovered and resolved in the beta testing phase, but not the issue you describe.

Can you indicate the exact pulse width you are sending? Stopped should be 1500, so “50%” speed would be either 1000us or 2000us.

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Tested an HT1 on our end via RC at these speeds and don’t see any issue. Awaiting any news from your end.

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