HQuad500 5 Channel Remote Control - Recommendations Please

Hi Guys

I’m building the HQuad500 drone using the Quadrino Nano Flight Controller.

The packing sheet says that I also need a “5-channel remote control (programming end points is mandatory)”. The manual talks about a Hitec version of this and gives the wiring layout for this.

Can you please recommend one that will work easily with the Quadrino Nano?


Hi @JNMJNM and welcome to the forum
from my point of view, any 5 or more channel RC transmitter will do. As long as it has programmable features.
The important part is the receiver: Get one with a satellite input to add a redundant second receiver ( they often come in sets).
Then pick a transmitter from the same company. ( if it isn’t part of the set)

About the Quadrino Flight controller: these all_in_one FCs have one drawback. The magnetic compass is onboard, which can give false readings when the motor power wiring is too close to the FC.
Make sure you put the controller as far away from the ESC-power wiring loom as possible. Maybe add some aluminum shielding (grounded).

Exactly - That’s a great explanation.
One suggestion would be the RadioLink AT9S but any system that has programming features will do.

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Thanks, O_lampe and dialfonzo! Order placed. :slight_smile: