Howto browse LMR! (A guide to oldies)

Well folks,

A dear LMR friend recently drew my attention to his ignorance regarding the way this site works for him. This person, who shall remain anonymous, has been a member, like, for ever (in fact only 23 members joined before him). So I assumed he would know by now how threading works. And how to keep track of the latest updates.

Nope. Nada. Niks. He just reads pages marked as "updated" on the Recent posts page - struggling to find the comments that are new to him. If you recognise your own browsing habits in this, read on. You need to know this! If you are doggedly refusing to reply "in thread" to a comment because that would bury your comment in a long list of older replies, read on. You need to change that behaviour!

First of all, when using the Recent posts or Unread posts pages, do not click on page's title, instead click on the phrase 1 new. This hyperlink uses an anchor that is generated just for you. And it will bring you directly to the (first) comment on that page that is new to you. The one that is marked as new on that page.


This example would bring me to which is a direct route to Well, it is in my case. And only this once. Now that I visited that node, the LMR database no longer considers that comment to be new to me. Or any other comment on that node. It is a very volatile service!

So, you no longer have a reason to shun replying "in thread". This means: PLEASE respond to people's comments directly via the reply link. Don't start a new thread when you're responding to someone's comment. That way the "flow" of the discussion remains and it will allow everyone to read it in the correct order.

Beginners stuff really ...

And foul mouthed too, this hooligan is.




**Im a freeking web developer **
and i have trouble finding new posts and whatnot on this site :smiley:

news to me
LOL, I’ve been surfing the internet ever since Al Gore invented it, and this is news to me. I just discovered the shout box option yesterday.

@CTC - Yeah I agree with you !


Fricken hilarious rik!

#24 may not know which reply
#24 may not know which reply button to use, but how does he get those neat squiggly orange lines into his posts?

Now we are at the discussion

Now we are at the discussion of new etc. Could someone please explain this, that I cut’n’pasted from the front page:

Tip/walkthrough How to make a Yellow Drum Machine new fritsl 1 day 11 hours ago 99
2 new


If you look closely, you can see that there are 99 postings of which 2 are new, so there are 97 postings that are not new and that I have read. But if you look at the title, there is a “new” marker after the subject line indicating that the thread is new, even though I have read it before. I have seen this a couple of times before. Is it a bug or is there something I missed?

I know… Like, “I agree”…
I know… Like, “I agree”… Sometimes when something is updated on the front page, it also get’s the “NEW” instead of “Updated”… I have no explanation other than “BUG” :slight_smile:

I think the distinction is in the special fields

I think Tag Wars are to blame here. When Frits updated that node, changed some of the special fields. That, to our CMS, feels like a total renewal of that node, rather than just an update.

I think

If you want me too
Im willing to look into making this place more navigatable. I work a s a web developer and if you want me to id be more than willing to donate my time and skill set to the community.

talk to the BGH
Frits is the Big Giant Head of the LMR board. I am just the propaganda officer. He probably will love to hear from you.

Kind of on the same subject

I’m not really new to web browsing or forums, but I don’t know how to use these edit boxes.

For instance, every time

I hit the

return key

I get “double” line spacing.

This becomes really annoying if I want to paste code into a forum post.

Is there a FAQ or Blog on this site that describes “how to type” in the comment boxes ?

Thanks jklug80
Thank you for the quick reply.
How about tab settings, or mono-spaced fonts so I could type in some ASCII art ?
Is this a common thing with web forums, or does this just happen at LMR ?