How Today's Robots Are Revolutionizing Retail Stores

Retail companies have used robots in their warehouses for years. Robots can sort and locate products faster than human employees, so they offer obvious advantages to large retailers.

People living in some cities may have noticed a new trend, though. Some stores now have robots working on retail floors, where they stock shelves and assist customers.

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Wow this is awesome! I’m sure the Robotshop slogan will come true sooner rather than later haha
Although I hope nothing similar happens to what happened at the Westworld tv show :sweat_smile:
Also, Domino’s is not only using robots to deliver pizza it is also using them to check the quality of the pizza haha great news for a pizza lover like me :pizza::drooling_face:

Oh wow very interesting to use AI to check the quality of the pizza. Yummy. Thanks for your comment @geraldinebc15

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