How to use a BASIC Stamp 1 (BS1-IC)?

I don't mean code, I mean setting it up physically. Step-by-step instructions on how to connect a motor to a BS1-IC (on the carrier board).

I would like to connect 4 servos on the stamp to be programmed to walk on a biped robot.

I've tried looking EVERYWHERE on the internet. I don't understand. :(

I have NO experience in using microcontrollers. I really need to learn and I have no money for a BASIC Stamp 2 (which is more commonly used and easier to find instructions for).

Many thanks!

you should check out the

you should check out the parallax forums as they have the most knowledge and data on this chip.

As a side, it’s very similar to the picaxe in it’s command features…

Parallax BS1

I believe most of the data you need is on this page:

Check the Links in the “Downloads and Resources” area near the bottom of the page.

You have (8) I/O pins to work with on the BS1 but not much program memory.

This page contains all your documents:

Hope this helps.