How to turn brakes OFF on a noname brushed ESC?

Hi. Short version - title says it =) Long version: I have these ESC's -

Problem is it's brake feature which doesnt let me to instantly change the direction of the motor from reverse to forward. If you running backward you have to go to netral for 1s first and only then hit the throttle up to go fwd. I need to turn the brakes OFF. I didnt found any manual for it and google doesnt know this ESC although its named "xys 20a". Its junk basically. But I strugle to find ANY brushed auto ESC's without the breke feature.

So again, is there ANY way to turn that "feature" off? Be cause with its being on the ESC's are basically useless for me :(

On brushless ESC’s I can

On brushless ESC’s I can just turn brakes off via programming card, right? Be cause then I will just swap the motors + esc. Although I want it to autonomous some fun outside should be included too =)

I’am fine with brakes the problem is its implementation. You have always to move the sticks to the middle/neutral position, which is hard to do and just pisses me off, you can’t drive reliably. The car uses tank principle to turn, thats why I need reverse all the time.

My suggestion would be to

My suggestion would be to buy a ESC specifically made for robotics, they aren’t that expencive anymore.
Here’s an example;


Yea, boat ESC work too. The

Yea, boat ESC work too. The problem with fingetech’s ESC is Motor Current: 1.0A continuous .

You can L293 for 2USD or so =)