How to run AX-12A servo with Arduino using angle delay

I am using Dynamixel AX-12A with UART communication with arduino UNO and for the code I used the library and source code from GitHub
and I operated the motor with the help of GitHub link. but now I want to control the motor angle based clockwise and counterclockwise. i used function ax12a.setAngleLimit(ID, 6, 8); but its not working properly. could you please help to implement the angle code?
Here is my code

#include <AX12A.h>

#define DirectionPin  (10u)
#define BaudRate    (1000000ul)
#define ID    (1u)

void setup()
 ax12a.begin(BaudRate, DirectionPin, &Serial);
 ax12a.setEndless(ID, ON);

void loop()
    ax12a.ledStatus(ID, ON);
    //ax12a.turn(ID, LEFT, 1000);
    ax12a.setAngleLimit(ID, 6, 8);
    ax12a.move(ID, 300);
    // ax12a.ledStatus(ID, OFF);
    //ax12a.turn(ID, RIGHT, 100);