How To Program a AVR Atmega16a


     As i have used arduino and different Atmega.But now I have brought an AVR Atmega16a.I have no idea how to program an AVR.

and which software to use to compile the program.if anyone knows the easy way to program let me know.and can we use a parallel port programmer to an Atmega16a. And is Atmega16a comes with BOOTLOADER.


Thank you.

General advices…
If you have any arduino board with you or atleast a bootloaded Atmel ic (atmega preferred but attiny and at series ic may also work), and the chip you have is in a dip package, you can follow this advice- Mogul’s tip. The only point to be noted is that since you have a chip no one has experimented on before, you must ensure that you have the correct fuses on your chip. Failure to do so will effectively brick your chip (something you don’t want to happen). So before you decide on the right fuses, do read the data sheet and mogul’s tip carefully.