How to modify the "LSS Flowarm.exe" App in Flowbotics Studio


I have tried to modify the LSS Flowarm App in Flowbotics Studio: But I can’t find “LSS Flowarm” as template (*.fsp) in Flowbotics Studio or our Website. I also can’t find anything about this topic in the Wiki/Forum/Tutorials.

The wiki page “LSS FlowArm - XWiki
says: “Created using and can be modified with FlowBotics Studio (Download)”

please give me a hint how I can open up the “LSS Flowarm” App in thr Flowbotics Studio.

thanks in advance


@fresle Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Although normally the .fbs file is provided with the download file, but it seems to have been overlooked in the latest version. We have included it here at the bottom of the FlowBotics page:

LSS FlowArm - FlowBotics file

Note that you will not be able to export the modifications as an executable, but you’ll be able to use it within FlowBotics Studio.

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@cbenson Thanks for your fast reply. I was able to open up the file in the Flowbotics Studio. :grinning: