How to modify gripper gear ratio in the LSS Flowarm.fsp

Hello community,

I spended serveral hours to find out where is the equation that calculate the gripper servo angle.
I construced my own gripper and need to set the servo angle to -180° in the opened state and +180° in the closed state.
So I need a little hint to find the equation in your Flowarm app.

Thanks in advanced


Hi fresle,

We are looking into that.
The system is restricted and uses CM or IN as the value, the best would be changing to un-restricted and Angle.

We will let you know once we have an answer from our development team.


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Hi fresle,

Apologies for keeping you waiting. Am I right in assuming you merely want to change how the software sets the servo angle based on the specified gripper position in the UI?

At the moment it moves from -90 (grip open) to zero (grip closed). Do you simply want to change this to be -180 to 180?

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