How to make moving eyes? (Parts etc, not 3D)

Can anyone please point me to what parts are needed to make eyes move…
left/right and possibly up/down also?
I do “root art” and would like to animate the eyes… perhaps blinking also.
Best design would be RC but I’ll start anywhere.
The size of the eyeball varies from 1 ½" to 4" and I usually only need to animate one eyeball.

I’m thinking a real beginner’s parts list and a diagram would be super.


Hello @ottermedicine and welcome to the forum!

You can use a micro servo and to control it remotely you can use a receiver and transmitter.

For the structure, you could use a Drive Pan & Tilt or you could do something like what is shown here:

And here’s another link that might give you some ideas:

I hope that helps

Good luck with your project!