How to make a meccano MAX servo move

Hello friends!
I am working on my FIRST ROBOT :slight_smile: and I have it all planned out. I just need some help with the meccano MAX servo movement. I was wondering if any of you have any helpful tutorials on how to do that. i heard you cannot do it with just ground, vcc, and serial. it’s something called bits I think???
Plz help i’m clueless. :smiley:

Hello @henry_bot!

I don’t own or have owned a Meccano robot so I won’t be able to help much but maybe this information will

Assuming that the Meccano MAX uses the same smart servos that the Meccanoid uses, these servos use a different serial protocol than standard, this means that you need to use a specific serial communication protocol to control the servo movement, which means you need to send data packets with specific “bytes” of information, you can find more information about this here, and if you are planning on using an Arduino this will help too.

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot! I will be sure to check this out.
Have a good day- Hengineer.

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