How to-Long Range wireless servo control

I need to build a wirelessly controlled camera tilt/pan for some auto racing livestream stuff that would need about the same range as is used for airplane/drone control. I could use a hobby style transmitter/receiver combo but the transmitter units don’t have hold-in-place functionality on most channels besides throttle control, so I need to see how to make a wireless servo controller with some sort of switch, stick or slider on the transmitter. Pretty new to all this but I have basic knowledge of components. Any help is appreciated.

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We recommend contacting the technical department of Radiolink as they would be able to help you more with that project.

You can reach them through this email:
[email protected]

Let us know if you need further assistance.


I emailed that link, thank you.

Can you think of any other options if i dont use a hobby style tx/rx combo? What sort of tx/rx does robot shop have that i could transmit the data through, and what sorts of controllers would that use?

Hello @tomw_6 ,

Thank you for your reply.

These suggestions might be useful: