How to lift a tabletop smoothly/easily

We are a custom cabinet shop and are going to start building lift-top coffee tables and are trying to figure out how to make the table top lift automatically when unlocked (these are concealment tables so they have hidden rfid locks to secure the items stored inside them) If we can’t get them to completely lift on their own we would like to at least figure out how to assist the hinges that are on them now as it does not open smoothly. Here is a link to the hinges we used: I will attach a photo of a table we made as a prototype. (It will only let me attach one??) Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

You can use a spring to open the table automatically (but not close) and you can buy an electric lock, see the link

For RFID you need to find RFID 12v which can handle lock current otherwise you need otherwise you need an arduino mini with RFID sensor and some code (read lock description on link)

To add to marounalkattar’s answer -

  • If you want it to lift automatically, but manually closed, you might consider a small gas lift
  • If you want it to open and close automatically, you’d need to consider a linear actuator (considerably more expensive than gas lifts)
    Linear Actuators - RobotShop

The question with an electromagnetic lock is if it loses power, the top would open (which can be a good thing, since you don’t want it to fail and not be able to open it).