How to install USBasp drivers on Windows 8

Are you having problems installing usbasp drivers on windows 8 ? This walkthrough will guide you to installing those drivers :)

Actually the main problem is that microsoft doesn't allow you to install drivers which are not 'digitally signed' directly (or easily) on windows vista and later versions (7 and 8).  To get around this you must temporarily disable the signature verification process. So, here is a way through which you can do this-

1) Move the cursor over the top or bottom right corner or the screen and it will show extra options on the right side of the screen.  Choose the Settings option (icon looks like a Gear).

2) After this chose 'Change PC Settings'


3) Choose General in the left menu and click on the 'Restart Now' in the bottom on the right side.

4) Select troubleshoot


5) Then select 'Advanced options' and then 'Startup Settings'. After this you will see something like this-


 6) Choose 'Disable Driver Signature Enforcement' and hit the Enter key to start Windows.


Now you have successfully disabled the driver signature verification and you can install whatever you want!

Now connect your USBasp programmer to the USB port of your PC/laptop. Ignore the message that 'Device driver software was not successfully installed'.


Download USBasp drivers here- and extract it somewhere on your PC/Laptop.

Go to Device Manager in control Panel and you will find 'LibUSB-Win32 Devices'. Click on it and select 'Update Driver Software...'



select 'Browse my computer for driver software'. After this browse to the location where you have extracted the USBasp drivers


Click next and ignore the security warning 'Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software' and select 'Install this driver software anyway'


Woot! if everything goes alright you will see something like this -


That's it! :D


good info, thanks

good info, thanks

Just had this experience and

Just had this experience and thought id add my 2 cents.


This process didnt work for me. Windows refused to assign the drivers to the device at the ‘update driver software - USBasp’ point.

I had to go into the downloaded drivers, find the right .inf file, and right click and install it (after disabling driver signature enforcement). Then go through device manager/update driver software but choose 'let me pick from a list…'

The driver will be on the list.

I also had issues with connectivity, so make sure you have a strong green light when the USBasp is plugged in on the circuit.

In fact I may have had to do it this way because of the connectivity…

Anyway this all took me 2 hours, and nobody has mentioned these tips anywhere, so i figured this is the most direct place to do so…

good luck.

Thanks for the additional info. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the additional info. Desertergreg,

It can be because of the connectivity problems, not fully sure though. Also, are you using Windows 8 or Windows 8.1? I haven’t tested this procedure on Windows 8.1 yet. This post is an year old. So, even If your are using Windows 8, this problem can be due to some of the updates that microsoft rolled out in this period.


USBasp Driver

After doing the above with latest firmware, I get a new error message: “cannot set sck period. please check for USBasp firmware update.” Any suggestions?