How to increase Torque and reduce speed


i'm building a cat feedar using a rotating problem is the rotating speed of the hooper is too fast and don't have enough torque..A few suggestion that i have gather is to buy a new motor with higher there any other way to accomplish the same result?

since i have 5 cat.. i'm still looking a way to dispense the food into 5 tray(if possible)..anyone here have any suggestion how to achieve it...Maybe using rotating tray?(but still the same problem with the motor ,not enough power)



thanks..every suggestion is truly preciated by my cats



Wheels. If you reduce the

Wheels. If you reduce the size of them you’de increase the force at lever arm and increase the torque, but that might of course not be enough.

:slight_smile: I read your post to fast. You’re not going to drive a robot with wheels. mhm. Sorry about that.

Small pulley wheel on the motor shaft. Big wheel on the food dispenser. String around the both. This can give you a large reduction in speed, increase in torque. The wheels and string can be made from any household material.

Depending on how big the

Depending on how big the food dispenser tray is wrap it with a bunch of rubber bands or some rubber strip then mount your motor so the shaft of the motor is up against the rubber.

The small motor shaft rotates the big dispenser tray slowly.