How to get spare parts for a Solar Breeze NX2

I have been for 2 yaers the happy owner of a Solar Breeze NX2 automatic pool skinner despite its dear price, then, of 640€.
Every times it comes against the side of the pool, it produces a shock, and after 2 years a dredfull rattle noise is emitted.
Solar breeze, contacted answer me that the NX2 is discontinued, but that they would be happy to sell me the new 950€ model. I found 640€ expansive, if I realize that it was only for two years, it is far too much!

Robot shop support, contacted, proposes to sell me the damaged gears very quickly. I accepted, and one week later, still no news, not even an acknowledgement of receipt.

Does anybody knows an efficient way to get spare parts for Solar Breeze NX2 in Europe?

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Hello @plapey ,

I will check where the process for new parts for you got stuck.

You should receive reply today.

Thank you.

The order has been confirmed and paid. Thak you for your intervention.

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

What parts are available for the solar breeze nx2?

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Does anyone have parts for solar breeze . Need the white gear on the motor.

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