How to detect ghosts and spirits ect?

I just saw in a crap film this guy who had some thingey with wich he could detect spiritual activity, you know the kind. "Oh there is a high level over here now.."

Now, since I started building robots, whenever I see gadgets like that, I know how to make them. Only I do not know what sensor to use.

What sensor would one use? Seriously? I would like to try to build one!

I think some look for
I think some look for changes in electromagnetic fields. I never knew ghosts carried around rare earth magnets…

I would use a standard

I would use a standard handycam, just detect when it goes all snowy on ya and boom, ghost…it’s what always happens so why not use it as a sensor!!!



What kind of sensor?
I’d say a medium sized one.

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Definately requries a PKE
Definately requries a PKE (Psycho Kinetic Energy) meter.

Haha… well everyone loves a

Haha… well everyone loves a ghost hunt! I was reading up about this… not sure how well it would work… but it almost looks like the same device they use on Ghost Hunters International and whatnot!

It’s VERY simple, and it’s just looking for flucuations in the Electro Magnetic Field, which could represent some “paranormal activity” lol.

Use what they used on TV to chase a ghost
The follow-Me-Rover robot listed on the is equipped with a TP81 Thermal Array Sensor was used on the Ghost Hunters TV show. It was programmed to chase cold spots instead of the heat signature of a human. In an attic on a day that was 75 degress, it chased 40-60 degree cold spots. I say add a Thermal camera and Starlight camera connected to a portible DVR with a solid state hard drive to record images and you could have your own chilling adventures

Robotic ghost buster
epic, simply epic

Just look up the schematics

Just look up the schematics for an e-meter. Start looking for those damned Thetans! It’s just as crazy as ghost hunting…right?

Whatever you do, don’t cross
Whatever you do, don’t cross the streams!

Good point, thanks!
Good point, thanks!

**I ain’t afraid a no ghost **

I made a detector

I made a detector now: