How to delete robot photo? How to delete robot draft?

I started a robot project description, and made the mistake of adding a portrait aspect image. I cannot figure out how to delete the photo and load a different photo.

I went to my profile to try to delete the robot and start over, but alas I could not figure out how to delete the robot either.


Hi @alanmcd ,
Sorry to read you had trouble with your project.
I will send you a private message so that we can figure this out with the programming team.

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Work around for anyone following this thread (Thankyou @Mariane):

I was editing only in Chrome so far.

I logged in using a different browser, Safari. Uploaded a new photo and saved the edit. Then I closed Safari.

Next I logged in using Chrome - voila the photo is the uploaded image.

You are welcome @alanmcd
Thank you for reporting the issue; it was related to the browser cache. Since your last message, the programming team has deployed a fix that should allow images to show faster.

Have a great week :slight_smile:

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