How to create simple videos for your LMR posts


Videos are great to show your projects but, how can we get as many views as possible?

Usually preparing good videos takes loads of time and work. With this simple LMR video template you'll get your videos published much more faster, look more professional and help LMR community (and your visits) to grow.

How does it work? Simple: download this attached tools and follow instructions inside. If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to comment too!

P.S.: only for Windows users at this moment. Other OS help for video is welcome!

i’d recommend openshot

Openshot is a FOSS program for video editing, simple and cross platform:-)

I love my OpenShot.

I was not aware that they had managed to code it for Windows yet. If so, I am all for it. There are others that don’t care for the layout or how things are managed. They usually jump to Kino or PiTiVi. I wasn’t too impressed with either one of those two.

Great tip!

Thanks Silux for that tip.

I didn’t know that software, so checked it but I didn’t find the installer for Windows in the developer site, someone said it will be for 2.0 version. Do you know any place where I can download it? If not, any other cross platform software for video production? Thanks!

Checking cross free platform video edition software

So after your comments, I checked following software:


Avidemux: too simple/complex for adding several video, soundtrack and transitions.

VirtualDub: Does not support QuickTime, MPEG-2, RealMedia, or ASF files. 

Blender: I had the program hanged just after installed.

Lightworks: it works great, but it exports only to youtube format in the free version. I don’t know why, it manage some of my raw video upside down…

Jahshaka: it looks like a Player, it got frozen after some minutes of work.

I keep looking for. If any of you have any sugestion, please let me know. Thanks!

Attach tools link

The link to the attached tools appears to be broken. Get error code 404.

Link Fixed

Thanks for informing us. The link has been updated.