How to control 64 servos with arduino?

Hello everyone.

I am working on a project where I am planning to use 64 servos that track the motion of a mouse and they operate according to the x and y position. Until now I have made a sample with 8 servos in a row, and using Processing I am feeding with data my arduino uno. However, going to 64 servos looks scary to me. Do I have to use 2x arduino uno + 2x 32 servo shield or should I switch to arduino mega? Is there any other alternative?

Here is a 32 servo shield that I have found:

Thanks in advance!

You may find OddBot’s response interesting.

You may want to look over the whole post as well.

partially solved

thank you guys for your very usefull responces! I bought this shield and it works fine. Now I have to find a way to control it through Processing…!