How to chose a microcontroller?

Hey, i am a new guy here, i had made line follower but that was using transister as comparator, leds,etc, i wannna know know more about microcontrollers, i know a good command on C language , i think it will help me....

First I suggest you

First I suggest you Great community, great people…


What do you wan’t from your microcontroller? Low cost, small, powerful, big? I suggest you atmega16 for learning…

why dont you go for ARDUINO

why dont you go for ARDUINO with ATMEGA 328 ?..its good and loads of tutorial on internet…

You know C, so you are half

You know C, so you are half way there already since that is what all good microcontrollers use.

I would recomend an arduino, they give a good abstraction of the hardware with minimal loss of efficiency.  Another option would be to just jump in at the deep and and just buy a microchip PIC or atmel AVR development board.


Arduino is the way to go if you know some C.

If you want a true

If you want a true “microcontroller” I have to agree Atmel AVRs are awesome 8-bit microcontrollers.  They are typically packed with features such as multiple ADCs, hardware PWM outputs, 8-bit/16-bit timers, hardware UART/SPI for serial communications, configurable input/output pins with internal pullup resistors set by software, comparators, the list goes on so I suggest checking out one of the AVR datasheets such as the ATmega328.  These are really easy to breadboard and get started so please ask for any assistance.  The software is also great, free, and can be written in C!  Did I mention they are cheap?

An Arduino is a board using the ATmega328 (or similar) which uses a special bootloader for the microcontroller and its own software environment (works on many platforms).  This is great for rapid prototyping or people with little electronics and/or coding skillset as it has prebuilt libraries/C methods to do many things.

I am a straight AVR user and learned many great things from, especially tutorials from abcminiuser.  Just sign up and search the forum there.