How to add news in the News feed section (New Feature)

Hi everybody,

Here is what you need to know if you want to share news in the News feed.


  1. Head to the News section.
  2. Click on ‘‘Share your news’’.
  3. Paste your URL in the field.
  4. Click on ‘‘Submit your news’’ or click ‘‘enter’’ on your keyboard.


If someone already shared the link…

  • When a link was already shared, you see a red error message;
  • You can click on ''Click here to find the conversation and join the discussion" to find the existing threads about this article. We implemented this to avoid having multiple threads for the same topics/articles.

If you have never shared an URL in the news feed before…

  • It may be pending, ready to be reviewed by Moderators.
  • We review your submitted URLs to ensure it respects the rules of the Community, that it is a legit link, etc.
  • If it is OK, you are added in the list as a legit contributor.

If you have shared previously…

  • You are already in the list of legit contributors, so your news should be displayed and approved right away automatically.
  • If not… please let us know in the Community Support & Suggestions category and we’ll assist you.

Note: RobotShop and community moderators reserve the right to remove any news added in the news feed.

  • If it was already a subject/topic shared but from another source
  • If it is considered to be SPAM or advertising.
  • If it is not really a blog, news or related to robotics.
  • It does not respect the rules.

We invite you to visit the FAQ of the forum to know more about the Community Rules.


Hi! I shared several links, but none of them appeared. I also did not get any message back. Were they all not approved? Thanks for you help!
Sebastian from

Since today, when trying to submit a link (in this case »Roberta – Lernen mit Robotern« feiert 20. Geburtstag | Robots-Blog), I get an Error 500. Please help!!!

@Mariane, could you please have a look at this. When trying to submit links, i get an Error 500, this time when trying with Keep moving | Robots-Blog
Also, my previous submitted links never showed up.

Hi @Robots_Blog
We apologize for the delays.

It seems we are experiencing errors when adding news to the feed.
We will investigate this on our side and let you know as soon as it is resolved.

Can you confirm that you were only trying to submit and URL in the news feed, and then the 500 error appeared on your screen?

Thank you

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@Mariane yes, I was only trying to submit an URL, here is a screencast of the error: RobotShop Community Together towards a world full of robots - YouTube

@Mariane the 500 errors are gone, thanks for fixing this. But still my submissions don’t show up. Could you check what happens to them? Thanks!

@Mariane, any update on this? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Robots_Blog
I see what the problem is.

Initially it was the 500 error. Currently, it is a setting behaviour that is in place for avoiding advertising, spam and repetitive content.

We do not authorize in the settings multiple sharing of the same domain, this seemed to have blocked your submissions. Keep in mind you cannot submit repetitively the same domain. Last try was 3 links from the same domain.

Also anything that as a advertising intent may be disapproved. Since many of your blogs have kickstarter links that may explain why.

The News feed is used to share news about the Robotics Industry, not to promote a specific news platform or products. We reserve the right to refuse a submission in the News feed if it does not comply with our standards and policy.

Hope this clarifies everything and again apologies for any delay.

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Thanks for looking into this. As my site is a website sharing robotics news, this would be the explanation why there are several entries for my domain. I will for sure not share posts only avertising stuff. Thanks again.