How do people build these robots?

Hello, I'm a young man in my first year of college and have always been heav ilyinterested in robotics. Especially fighting ones. 

So with all this interest in robotics, i've also wanted to build my own little fighting robot(not taller than 30cm) and learn how to code it etc. I'm a complete "beginner" with no experience so i'd be glad if anyone could tell me where to start. :)

Also this is the ideal of about what size and advanced level I want it at.

Also there's probably a really similar post or tutorial about this on the internet, so if you know any i'd be more than glad if you could send  the links. Any source about this topic i'm willing to read about! As long as I learn ofcourse... :)

As a start you can get some

As a start you can get some micro servo, cardboard and a board like the dagu micro magician.

Start Here :wink:

You have a “Start Here” tutorial on the site, it could be a good place to start :slight_smile:

You can also buy an Arduino starter kit, with a few sensors, actuators (DC/Servo motors) and play with that for a start.


Rassberry Pi is suposed to

Rassberry Pi is suposed to be ggod for beginners but i dont know if it would be right for what yo have in mind

I started out with the Start

I started out with the Start Here Robot from right here on LMR.  I’d suggest Arduino, as it has a lot of expandability, and you’ll find you can make or buy cheaper versions that will fit your bots better. After you get confortable with that, then move up to legged bots, or look for a good bipedal frame. If you are going for the wrestling bots, maybe see if there’s a forum for them. If you want remote control, try an IR sensor first! They are really cheap and isidiously easy to install. You can also use a tv remote to control your bot.

I also suggest heading to your local wallmart( and/or other local goods stores) and grabbing some cardboard boxes that they are throwing out. It’s free parts, and you can use it to make most of your chasis before moving into something like styrene.



Darn it, now you got me interested in wrestling robots XD