How do i use the srf005?

jubiii!!! i finally got my robot working but i don't know how i use the srf05/srf005....

i connected it like the drawing i found from "frits1"so that the mini-LED was flashing... but how do i USE it???

you know... how can i tell it to do something when the disance is and then do something else when the distace is

plz tell me!


also! here is a test of the robot !

Have you read the manual yet?

Seriously, have you read the manual?

Read This:

Pseudocode would be :read

Pseudocode would be :

read SRF04 into variable

check if variable smaller than setpoint, then change motor commands if it is


There is little information about what microcontroller you are using, so nothing more can be supplied. If using a PICAxe, code is already given on the Start Here robot.


to get the distance in center meters read this

this next link has a reply that will show you how to make your robot react to the measurements