How do i connect Polymax 3.5mm connectors to wires without solder or soldering iron

So I have this brushless motor and esc which i want to connect using connectors. I tried connected the connectors to the esc and motor using hot glue but i’m guess the metals didnt touch so when the i connected the connectors of the brushless motor and the esc together, and connected a power source to the esc, the esc didnt start up. Now i’m a hobby roboticist and i do not own a solder and soldering iron, neither am i willing to buy a pair of them due to cost. So if theres any other way i can connect the connectors to the wires, that would be great. Thank you.

Hello @Mahr758

I don’t think you’ll be able to use the connectors without solder but if you don’t want to get a soldering iron a good option would be using heat shrink connectors, here’s a demonstration video:


Hi @geraldinebc15, thanks for the reply.

Do you think i could use electrical tape instead?

Hi @geraldinebc15, thanks for the reply.

You’re welcome @Mahr758 !

If you need something temporary you could twist the wires together, press them very hard with pliers and wrap the electrical tape around the wires (many times) but if you want something more reliable (without solder) I strongly suggest getting the heat shrink butt splice connectors.

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Alright, thanks so much for the info!