How can I improve fog performance of Lidar Lite v3?

I am trying to improve fog performance of this device. I see the fog as an obstacle in my tests. So,
Do you have any advice about this issue ?
Is optical bandpass filter with CWL 905nm and FWHM 10nm can solve my problem ?

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Hi @sarslan,

As far as I know the fog would most likely refract and diffuse the laser’s signal just like a normal surface would. Therefore, the sensor has no way to tell effectively if it is a proper target or fog when the signal comes back to the LIDAR Lite v3.

The device already comes with proper filtering for its sensor/receiver. That being said, the signal that is refracted/diffused by the fog is probably not changing frequency and therefore filtering is probably not the right solution here.

Your best bet may be:

  • Reduce/remove fog condition
  • Have more sensors (maybe different types, too) and perform statistical analysis of signals

Ultimately, if the light from the sensor’s emitter cannot reach the target and return from it properly to the sensor’s receiver there is not much to do other than improving the conditions or noticing patterns in the erroneous signals.


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