Home irrigation

A few experiments for automated irrigation.

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That’s a fascinating experiment!

This is the first time I am seeing the name of Numato board. What is the board based on? Is it Arduino Compatible?

The Numato 8 Channel USB GPIO board can be connected to every device with USB port. It can be controlled using a set of simple text commands as:

gpio iodir xx - sets the direction of every IO as input or output;
gpio set x - sets the output to high level;
gpio clear x - sets the output to low level;
adc read x - reads the value of the analog input x;

Thanks a lot. Earlier I came across some simple irrigation projects like this one . But the one is quite more detailed. Your one is complete as it shows how to integrate sprinkler to the system. I like it.

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Irrigation experiment and some other interesting experiments are included in the KIT below :slight_smile:

You did a great job; the system is just beautiful! I like it and will probably install something similar in my future house. Thank you for sharing the diagram of the experiment. It will make things much easier for me. My new house is under construction now, but I have already planned everything inside it. I have even planned out what kind and how many plants will be there. They all need different amounts of water, and it can be a little tiresome to water them every day individually. Also, drip irrigation systems are better for the soil and the plant’s roots because they keep the soil wet instead of flushing down all the necessary elements while watering.

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You know, I live in house too. AltonaLab has an Android application, which can send commands to the main application running on the PC and which controls your house. So I open my yard and garage doors using a phone. The yard lamp are controlled automatically too, every day the Turn On/Off time is different and is calculated based on the GPS coordinates of the home, when the sunset is coming, the lamp are turned ON. You can develop a security system very easy too, just add a few PIR sensors and check theirs state every second. If there is a security event, AltonaLab can send an e-mail to you with current state of all your sensors.

There are a lot of ideas of course… :slight_smile: