Home automation. Panel upgrades

Hello There,  Nice to be back.  I missed this community i move to UK for studies. 

    I need some ideas for one project i've been working for a while(actually 2 year or more i change 3 raspberry until now upgrades) . I got the idea from the movie Ironman. I said to my self to built something like (JARVIS) and combine both software and hardware to make a program that will run the house. Until now i manage to connect the water boiler of the house some of the light.  I also add some led strips around the house in case of a power failure have something . . . . . I am working on now to design an alarm system (with arduino, gsm shield, and some motion detectors) the main panel is based on a raspberry pi 2B. I made also a program of my own to control anything that is connected to it by my computer or any other pc with that program installed on or by voice even when i am not front of my pc using a bluetooth headset (although it has a delay on the respond) or by using the Raspberry's default webio page in the web using the ip of the raspberry. 

I need your help to suggest me anything else to make or connect to my panel. . . Any suggestions are acceptable. Or any features for my program (any kind). 

Sorry i can't provide any pictures because my panel is back home at Cyprus and as i said earlier i am at UK now and actually at Wales

Thanks a lot


Do a search for the Jasper project; it will give you that JARVIS element without too much work.

**If anyone is willing to help me **


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this post is interesting and informative. i really like learning about latest technology and about robots as well.