HMOD-1 Update 1

I am working since a while on a new humanoid to continue my AI experiments. So far I have finished a conceptual 3-D-drawing, based on the parts I want to use. The 2WD base is from Makeblock, the upper body the Johnny 5 torso from Lynxmotion. I have cancled the base rotate turntable and changed the original 1 DOF head with ultrasonic sensor to a 2 DOF head with compound eye. Following input/output devices are planned in the moment:

  • 6 HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors
  • Optical encoders for the geared motors
  • Devantech CMPS 10 compass module
  • Compound eye
  • Costum made speech recognition board based on the HM2007 chip (I love the fact that this chip works with perceptrons)
  • Parallax Emic 2 Text-to-Speech Module
  • 2 geared motors for propulsion
  • 14 DOF torso



Have you actually bought the makeblock kit?  I’d be really curious to hear about first impressions, build quality, and about how good the thread slot works (it seems like the screws would be sloppy or crooked but maybe a closeup picture or video would resolve that).  I’m thinking of buying the big kit but the lack of reviews on the internet is holding me back.