High speed noiseless linear motion system

Hello, I’m new to robots and this forum.
I’m working on a linear motion system that carries a paper from point A to B in which the distance is 24 inches.
The system should have a speed of 1,200 inches a second or more. I calculated that means I would have to find a motor that goes at the speed of at least 60,000 RPM. Though my calculation was based on manually rotating the 5mm gear attached to the motor and using a marked point on the belt to calculate how many revolution the gear would have to travel the distance of 24 inch. Which turns out to be 20 revolution to travel 24 inch.
Since the linear motion system would be used to move paper which is not a heavy item. I think we don’t need high torque motor.
So my questions;

  1. How should I construct this system? (Belt driven, Lead screw, or something else you can suggest)?
  2. Where can I buy high RPM dc motor that is quiet operating at such speed(Link would be helpful)
  3. I purchased 8 Brushless DC motors 4 at 1000kv whilst the other 4 piece runs at 9500kv, they are both too noisy or maybe because I screw it to wood
  4. I want mine to be smaller and simple since it would be use to move a paper, What parts should I order for this project?
  5. Youtube video of something similar that I want to achieve, design-wise though mine wouldn’t be bulky. I want lead screw to be around 3.17mm in diameter and 24-25" by length, from the lead screw size I want, you now have an idea of how slim and lightweight I want the whole system to be.

Hi KingAmada,

Here is my quick and easy solution: https://www.robotshop.com/en/firgelli-24-150lb-linear-actuator.html

24’’ linear actuator
12V supply
0.4’’/sec (maybe too slow)

Since you want to carry a paper, maybe 150lbs of force is too much.

Else, there is this system that could be interesting: https://www.robotshop.com/en/firgelli-mini-linear-slide-rails-30-in.html

Let me know if you find another solution.