High Current Motor Control with Arduino

Hi All,

Please excuse the commercial but I wanted to let you all know about our new motor control shield for Arduino.  It is called the MegaMoto and is designed for motors from 7V to 28V and up to 13A continuous current.  A peak of >30A for a short time has been demonstrated.  The unit is fully protected against thermal and current overloads.

I'm sure many users would like to be able to control something larger than the tiny motors you can drive with the L298 etc.

The MegaMoto is a stacking sheild so up to three of them may be controlled by a single Mega328-based Arduino.

The unit can function as either a single H-bridge or as two independent half-bridges.  These half-bridges can be used for brushless and stepper motors as well as loads such as lights and solenoids too.

Please see the MegaMoto Web page for more information:  www.robotpower.com/products/MegaMoto_info.html

I'll be happy to answer questions here as well.