Hi,I would like to ask about the miniature Linear

I would like to ask about the miniature Linear actuators (L16 for example)
If I have a floating (in air) box that I want to stick (with glue) to a wall.
The normal pressure to be applied on the glue is equivalent to 3-4[kg] press with a human hand.
Will the L16 or other miniature actuator be able to supply this kind of force?
Please see attached illustration of the setup and question… (F=?)

@Wonder1980 If you’re considering the L16, the force at peak efficiency for each gear ratio is 24N, 38N and 75N
4Kg-f = 39 N, so it’s best to choose the L16 with 63:1 or 150:1 gear ratios.

Obviously the L16 needs something to press against on both sides to exert a force.

Hi cbenson,

Thnks for the detailed response.
As in the required setup there won’t be something to press against both sides of L16, I thought of using a spring that will be released in one direction so it will exert the required force.

Do you have an idea for a different acutator beside L16?

@Wonder1980 Without something to press against (equal and opposite reaction), the actuator will simply extend out into the air and won’t apply any pressure. The only other option would be to create fixed anchor points on the wall and a bracket to extend to the rear of the actuator.

but if its not linear, fro example like a moustrap mechanism where a spring is shrinked and released?

Same - equal and opposite reaction. You cannot have a force unless there is a force applying back. In he case of a mousetrap, the force would simply propel the trap away from the wall rather than applying a force against it. Think of what would happen in space.

Thanks, understood.
BTW, is there a U shaped actuator that you are familiar with to provide a “back force”?

@Wonder1980 Nothing comes to mind.

@cbenson Thanks you very much anyway