Hexapod legs need to be mirrored, or inverted in code?


I am building my own frame for a phoenix based hexapod, and have uploaded the code resulting in one side of the legs driving the incorrect direction. I believe this is because I have not built my legs as mirrored sets, and just wanted to know if I need to mirror it, or if there is a section within the phoenix code that I can invert the specific motors without taking the bot apart that will fix the problem? I have been going over the code but have not spotted the factor which may let me invert them.

Any advice and direction on the matter would be great.

@Dynomyx Did you assemble all six legs identically? it’s far easier to assemble them as a mirror of the left / right. From what I recall, there’s no section to invert half of the robot’s servos.

@cbenson I have built all 6 legs identically as the centre of the leg remained central when the identical leg is fitted both sides rather than being offset as I believed the reason why the legs were mirrored was due to existing kits not being mirrored about the legs own axis.
I have seen in the code that there are sectioned called LTTibiaInv 0 for example, so didn’t know if this would allow me to change it.