Help with wireless charging of a 9v battery

Hello I am new to circuit design, and I am looking to wireless charge a 9V battery I am thinking about using this part Wireless Charging Module 5V/5A - RobotShop is that an okay bet or do I need a wireless charger With more V, if so does anyone know an alternative that can do the job? I hope some one can help :smiley:

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Hi @hjalteMECHA and welcome to our forum!

Which type of 9V battery do you have?

As far as I know, you would need a charging voltage higher that that…

Hi and thx for the help, I am using this battery

due to your help I will switch to this wireless charger Wireless Charging Module 12V/3A - DFRobot the 24v in and 12v output

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Great. Good choice I would say :slight_smile:

@hjalteMECHA Note that the product in your link effectively transfers power wirelessly, and you’ll still need a charging circuit for a 9V battery using that voltage as input.