Help with V2 on picaxe 28

While I have used my picaxe board for alot, I have never used multiple power sources on it. I have read the "Picaxe for dummies" but I feel like Im missing something. is there anyone who has a pic of thier 28 board hooked up with 2 power sources? I just need to see the wiring. Also, I'll be connecting it to 6 "AA" batteries as power (its a hacked RC car) Is that any problem? Thanks all, the sooner I figure it out, the sooner dog-bot lives!!!

Sorry I don’t have any pics

Sorry I don’t have any pics of my own anymore but this is how I do it:

Remove the jumper block on the three-pin header seen in the bottom center of this pic:


That block shorts V2 to V1. Having it connected allows you to power everything with the one supply. You'll need access to the pin on the left to power the V2 supply with your 6AA battery pack. The third unused pin on the right is where you can connect your battery pack to GND. Refer to the pic from the "dummies" page:

The V1 pin in the middle gets in the way and will probably require a custom connector for your pack (I used a female-female jumper I cut in half and soldered into a battery connecter for an adapter). Hook up V+ to the light blue V2 pin and GND to the yellow G pin.

Examine the above picture carefully. V2 essentially powers all the outputs so your 6AA's will be supplying 7.2-9.0V to all the pins highlighted in light blue. That means your servos will have to eat the same voltage as your motors and vice versa. Also be careful not to accidentally hook your battery up to the middle V1 pin. That would be bad. Those are my only caveats for you.

Hope this gets dog bot going again.


I picked up

a 5 or 6 pack of 3 pin female connectors/headers at a local hobby shop for $6.

sounds good!

Thanks for all the info! Give me a bit and Ill take a pic of what I have wired up before I put power through it. 



So I should have the v1 plug in the middle, not hooked up to anything, right?