Help with SD card reader

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Hi All.

Having problems getting the Yourduino SD card adapter to work.  I have tried 2 different SD cards, both of which are FAT16 and can be read with both my camera and computer card reader.  I have tried SD library, SDuFAT library and TinyFat library.  In all cases the supplied examples (modified for CS pin 10 where required) fail when trying to read the card. I have included photos of connections. Basically Blue (CS) pin 10, Green (DI) pin 12, Orange (DO) pin 11 and Yellow (CLK) pin 13. From reading various forums it would seem that getting SD cards to work is more of a black art. Any ideas?




My bad!  I had already downloaded that but still managed to get it wired wrong!

Two of the libraries can now see the card, but cannot read or write to it other than the directory.  I will need to do some more in depth reading




After you are sure you have the wiring correct

This may be totally irrelevant but there are normal sd cards and sd high capacity cards. Is the reader sensitive to this?

Sister bought an old digital picture frame for fathers birthday present and discovered that it only read normal sd cards. Otherwise I have not used the card reader you are working with.

HI Merser,I can read the

HI Merser,

I can read the directory of either sort of card.  I an using a 2Gb SD card as my main card but also tested with the 4Gb SDHC from my carmera.  I would imagine that that is more a factor of the library rather than the card holder itself (just a guess however).  I am getting a little closer I suspect but need to go beyond the packaged examples for each of the libraries.