Help with old Lynx 6 Robotic Arm Combo Kit (serial port)

Hi, I found this kit (lynx 6 Robotic Arm Combo kit for pc serial port) in a cupboard, and a student of mine is building it as his end of year post AP exam project, but have found a few issues.

  1. the manual couldn’t be located on the website, I guess we r being so old… however he’s managed to assemble it from the pictures, and the controller board is documented on the site though.
  2. He needs a product key for the software (Lynxmotion RIOS) is there anything e better/more modern he could use instead? Could he get the product ID? This kit was ordered years ago by a previous teacher. So no idea where the emails/receipts
  3. Any video tutorials on configuring it for different applications would be nice to have.

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  1. You can find the information under Legacy Arms here:
    03 - SES-V1 Arms & Accessories
    It’s certainly an older arm, but there should not be any reason it would not work.

  2. RIOS has been discontinued for a while now, and the license number was on the CD sleeve (we don’t have a copy of the licenses sent). Although it doesn’t use inverse kinematics, the SSC-32 Sequencer can be used to control each servo individually and make sequences:
    12 - Software

  3. The software above should allow for some interesting motions to create sequences of picking up and placing objects.

Note that the SSC-32 servo controller in the image likely needs a USB to serial adapter (and corresponding driver), which are not all created equal. It’s rare that a computer these days has a serial port for direct connection. If it proves to be problematic, you might upgrade the controller alone (which might be less expensive than a USB to serial adapter):

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Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. You’re absolutely right, the serial number was indeed on the CD sleeve, I can’t believe I missed that. I must be a bit out of practice, even had to ask IT helpdesk for a CD reader. They had a serial/usb adapter too. I’ll keep you posted with my student’s progress.


p.s. apologies for the formatting/typos on my previous post, I was typing on my phone…

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