Help with gyro sensor

Can I use a gyro sensor to measure the movements of a shoulder joint to then make servo motors move in the same direction having it all wired through an Arduino?

@Naftali99 Since a gyro measures angular acceleration, which needs to be integrated to get angular velocity, which needs to be integrated again to get angular position, it will drift and is not a good solution for angular measurement (at least on its own). If you cannot use a physical / mechanical potentiometer, you should consider a 3-axis accelerometer which can give you (after some calculations) the direction of the pull of gravity, and as such, you can calculate its orientation with respect to the force of gravity.

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Hi @cbenson don’t want to be a beancounter, but a gyro measures angular position and an accelerometer measures acceleration.

The term ‘Gyro’ is often used for 6DoF or 9DoF sensors, which even measure magnetic orientation.
The key solution is sensorfusion to get the best possible result.

If you want to go that route, you can check out the ‘multiWii’ open source project. The earlier versions were written for Arduinos, but later they used ARM mpu’s. So be sure you pick the right source.

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RobotShop classifies these into several main categories:


Gyroscopes (MEMS)

Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs, which contain both accelerometers and gyros, sometimes magnetic compasses)

o_lampe is correct in that a mechanical gyroscope is a rotating mass used to detect the orientation with respect to earth’s gravity. A Mems gyroscope, if it helps: