Help with an uncommon controler board

Since the last kid code workshop I participate, I have one kid that send me email questions on programming.

He is 11yo, a little specific as he's highly gifted (don't know the proper english word) and questions are always interesting ;)

Nothing for LMR at that point.  But this week end, I was invited by the parents and discovered that he wanted also start some robotics.

In fact, they bought him last year a robot kit called Probot 128:

The problem is that the development environnement seems to be specific to Windows and he only have a small netbook using Xubuntu.

The board is called CControler Pro Mega 128:

I'm looking for ANY kind of information to help him connect and programm his bot.

if there's no solution, I'll give him one of my Arduino board, but it sounds better to find something first.

It really depends how you want to do things.

You could try running virtual box and a copy of xp.

I thought about a

I thought about a VirtualBox. That will be the solution if I it was on my machine.

But his netbook is really small, not sure it will be possible. But maybe with some liteXP…

Maybe he could run the IDE
Maybe he could run the IDE in WINE, if the net book runs Intel.

Based on what he said about the OS

I imagine it is one of the eeePC model line. My 704 has a 900 MHz celeron clocked to 630 MHz.

I was thinking I read Xandros.

So, next step will be to go

So, next step will be to go to the kid’s home to work on the netbook.

But we successfully checked yesterday that the cable is properly seen on XUbuntu.
It is identified as:
Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. CP210x UART Bridge / myAVR mySmartUSB light

The IDE is running and just need to see the serial connection coming from the cable.

I sent an email to Arexx to ask if they also made the controller.

I’ll keep you informed and thousands thanks for all your suggestions.