Help with an Adept Cobra 800

Adept Cobra 800

  • Manufactured in 2000
  • Controller is MV-4 with AWCII
  • V+ Version 13+
  • Came out of a Ewagmatic Insert grinder
  • As far as i know its operational

The major thing that i have been struggling to do is interface it with my computer. I have Adept Windows software that was on the machine originally and i am connecting to it via a crossover Ethernet cable as recommended by the manuals.
At first i wasn’t able to figure out what the ip address of it would be until i took the AWC card out and forced it to use the default by setting dip switches 2 and 4 to ON and i eventually was able to ping it at but the software refused to connect.
I’m hoping that i can find someone on here that might have had some experience with this older type of system.

Hi there,

I don’t have any experiences with the Adept Cobra 800 but I could find this online:

See page 15 for the ‘‘how to get help’’:

Let me know if this help.

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It’s been a while, and hoping your are still around… I wondered if/how much progress you’ve made on your Adept 800 SCARA robot? I too just obtained one (well, the smaller version - an sCobra 600) of about the same vintage. Difficult to obtain any information – other than user manual. Were you able to find anything useful?

I’ve been able to “talk” with the controller (this has an AIB “Amplifier In Base” rather than a stand alone controller, using RS232 only at this point however.

Looking forward to delving into this, just wondered if we could coordinate a little.