Help: Weird HC-05 behavior

Hi. I'm having problems with the HC-05 and I hope someone can help. I've wired it up to an FTDI USB<->Serial connected to my PC just to test it out.

1. If I send it an AT command, it seems to enter an infinite loop where it sends OK back. If I power off & on, send it AT+VERSION, it enters an infinite loop sending the version info and OK. Basically, any AT command gets infinite responses.

2. If, instead of sending an AT command, I connect to it with my Android phone, I can type on my PC and see the text appear on the phone (using the BlueTerm app). But if I type into BlueTerm on my phone, the text does not get sent to my PC.

I have 3 different HC-05s from 2 different vendors and they all behave this way. Has anyone run into this and solved it?