Help? Programming PICAXE?

I'm sorry if i sound like an idiot, but...
i have: picaxe 28 starter pack
1 motor
1 hitec hs-325 servo
a laptop and the programming editor for picaxe
im sorry if this is really annoying and its too similar to the start here link, but i need HELP!!!
for some reason i cannot program the 28...
is there a way to test if it has power????
when i try to load the program, i get "HARDWARE COULD NOT BE FOUND..." blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
any help appreciated,
ps i can program it, i have learned the language enough i believe
thanks in advance!!!
new problem:
i have soldered a motor to the board. i have tried to program it.
nothing works. i tried different combos of the 7/6/5/4
any suggestions?
again, thanks


Hey wally! Like ant said this would be better as a forum question, but as I am already making a post I may as well (hopefully) answer your question.

1. Is the power connected when you are sending the program

2. Is the picaxe chip in the board backwards

3. If you have the darlington installed is the darlington installed backwards?

4. Have you done a hard reset? (taking out battery pack while downloading screen is going)

5. do you have 4.5 volts in the battery pack? you cannot have more than 6 volts going through the picaxe

Check these things and hopefully your program will download. And by the way you don’t sound like and idiot :slight_smile: I had this problem when I first got my picaxe and solved it by putting the actual picaxe chip in the right way.


kool, thnx

kool, thnx so much…

ill try all of these things…

even if they don’t work thnx for replying so quick

thnx again!!

no problem!
No problem!


thnx so much!!!

it worked!!!

da main chip wasn’t in right (stupid SparkFun ppl) but that’s how it was delivered 2 me!!

thnx again!!!

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