Help on this motor

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I have a motor taken from a printer( had two, killed one to try figuring it out) with three wires, a gear reducing portion and no clue as to how it operates. I’ve applied voltage to the red and black and nothing happened, so I took it apart to find a small board and ic.
Any help would be super appreciated.

Looks like a something like

Looks like a something like a servo, doesn’t it ?

Servo option

I had just attempted using the Servo library with an Arduino to get some motion, but no luck.  That’s not to say I did it right, but I’ve failed so far.

The red and black are significantly heavier than the white, I thought the same thing.   I’m afraid to put too much voltage to it and scorch another.  I’ve tried six volts using an Arduino and the servo library, and I’m sure 19 volts makes one smell “odd”.

I’ve tried looking up the numbers, when they were legible, and found no information.

When I took the other apart it was a brushless motor and appeared to have control circuit and wiring just under the steel below the black plastic cover on the back.  Six fine wires go into windings around the shell. 

I don’t believe it needs it, but I have an ESC to try.  Dont really want to smoke it.  Could someone educate me to the risks?

Unipolar stepper motor

I think it is a unipolar stepper motor, They have 6 leads. Don’t try the ESC it will destroy the electronic. Try this:connect red to 5V, black to GND. Then white to 5v or GND. Maybe + is for a direction and - for the counter direction and high impedance for stop. If nothing works try a PWM signal to the white lead. Goog luck!

**Looks like a geared down brushless motor. **

To me it looks like a geared down brushless motor. You would need a brushless motor controller and a mean to control it, eg arduino or rc transmitter./receiver. If you use the arduino, you need to use the servo library. 


Don’t try it!
It is not a BLDC Motor! The 3 wires are attached to the electronic, NOT to the motor. The motor have 6 leads.
“Six fine wires go into windings around the shell.”
Black is -
red is +
white is control.

Correct on the six fine

Correct on the six fine wires.  That statement was about after destroying one of these to see what is going on inside.  The fine wires come frrom the inside side of the pcb under the control ICs where the red, black and white came in.

I have tried using servo library and haven’t managed to get motion.  I was thinking more voltage with the servo control, maybe twelve and increase until it smells strange again.

While rying the Arduino with servo library I only had 5 volts present to the motor itself.  I’ll be trying again this evening.

Thanks everyone for immediatly helping me with this, good community.

    P.S.  Not that I don’t care, I don’t want to destroy them.  These motors were salvaged from large printers and I would not lose money invested if they smoked.  In that case I’ll try to give a video.

we need pictures
Can you pls show us more details?
I don’t think a servomotor make sense in a printer. Printers needs stepper motors. So I think your motor is a geared stepper motor with integrated driver electronic. Did you try what I suggested? PLs try a PWM signal on the white wire.
Goog luck.
Ps: Even the driver is destroyed, you can use the motor with a motor driver from Roboshop for instance