HELP offroad wheelchair controller assistance

OK totally new here and…totally out of my element

Let me start by stating I’ve had a pipe dream for more than 30 years to get my disabled mother back on the beach and into the woods where she used to spend a lot of time on a dirt bike…she was parralized in 88 and now suddenly cancer is killing her so…time is limited

I have constructed a 450lb BEAST that’s capable…however the OE invacare ranger x wheelchair motor xontoler can’t take it for more than 1-5 min bursts…I even was fortunate to end up with the handheld tuner…initially we had an overheating issue of the MOSFETs while in a flat packinglot…so in an attempt to solve it I mineral oil cooled the whole thing only to run into the issue persist ing a little different… I assume damage to the MOSFETs or a over volt shut down

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So here’s the deal its a single stick controlled twin brushed motors with 90deg gear reduction running 8x10x20 Honda quad tires with the front still being casters running Honda 400 ex wheels and tires

I need this to work…I need an inexpensive motor control that I can drop into this and make it work as intended…but…I have no clue what I’m reading of looking at when it comes to the deep electrical side…my depth goes about as far as my hobby grade rc cars

Here is the build thread

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Hi @sh0rtlife and welcome to our forum!

You have an interesting and good quality project.

Can you tell us the voltage and power (amperage) specifications of the motors you are using?

Thank you.