Help in starting a Project

I want to make a robot for my final year project featuring a vehicle which will have simple movements and a robotic arm which can grab things. Other than this it should have a good camera mounted on it which will stream live video and this robot should be controlled wirelessly. Now can someone help me to select

  1. Which microcontroller should i use to do this all?
  2. How should i transmit video wirellessly?(I dont want to use wireless camera)


You should be able to find

You should be able to find examples on this site of robot projects doing what you want. You may have to take elements from multiple robots and make them work together in your own design.

The processor choice is pretty open. A lot of builders on this site use either the PICAXE family or the Arduino family. The PICAXE has a simplified Basic programming language. The Arduino is more C like. Some people work with assembler on bare PICs. Any of them are capable of driving a simple robot, so it probably depends most on your programming experience and preference.

For the wireless video, why don’t you want to use a wireless camera? Are you hoping to have the robot process the video directly? That does complicate things, but I think there are at least a couple of examples of robots on this site that use video as a sensory input. Check this one out:

There are also examples of robots with grippers on this site. The search on this site sometimes breaks. Try using the “Tags” section at the bottom right of the page, or use a Google site search to search for what you need.

A lot depends on your level of skill and experience. Start simple if you are a beginner. At least read through the Start here robot page to get some ideas.

Good luck!

Actually this is final year

Actually this is final year project of my Bachelor of Computer Engineering. I have worked on Intel 8051 series microcontrollers and know both the assembly language and C well. In fact i want to know that which microcontroller suits my requirements?

Being an official project i can’t alter the design much as approved by my faculty. So it is not possible to use a wireless camera. They want me to transmit the video too. What i have in my mind is that to use a Wireless LAN for this. But i can’t figure out how this all will work?

I don’t know how to advise

I don’t know how to advise you on which microcontroller to pick, but if you an program in assembly and C, there’s no processor on this site that should be a problem for you.

Take a look around and see what you can glean from some of the designs. Post your ideas and people will provide feedback.